Made with respect to people, animals and planet

There are plenty of stylish fashion stores either offline or online - but why would be from charles and camus ?

At Charles & Camus, we build our style around three core values: People, Animals and Planet.

1- Respecting People

Our clothing providers have the Fair Wear Foundation label. This means that our clothes have been made by workers in a decent environment with no excessive work hours, no forced labour and healthy work conditions.

2- Respecting Planet

We show engagement towards the planet by taking two main measures:

- Using GOTS certified providers. This certification ensures that our clothes are made of organic materials. Organic cotton needs less water than regular one and is one of the most sustainable way to produce cotton clothes.

- We plant trees. Through our partner OneTreePlanted, we automatically donate the cost of planting 1 tree after each purchase. We aim to plant 1M trees by 2035.

3- Respecting Animals

We are sourcing clothes that are vegan approved from peta. This label ensures that our clothes are made from non-animal derived products because why wear animals ?

At Charles & Camus, we create stylish designs with a focus on minimalism and simplicity.

We are always happy to hear more of your suggestions.

Eco-friendly yours,

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