Slow fashion trends for 2021

Fashion trends of this year have seen stark shift from what they were last year. 

Upcycling used clothes:

Products made of recycled and upcycled materials are the new cool. This trend has really picked up pace and is more popular with the younger crowd who are more aware about their environment. Not only does this trend reduce the production of waste but it also brings out the creativity in people. Accessories like face masks, hairbands, earrings and handbags made of used cloth fabric have become the style statement for 2021. Patchwork, block prints and embroidery are being used to transform old boring clothes to make them look eye catching and trendy.

Second hand clothes:

One of the main aims of sustainable fashion is reduce the waste produced due to fast fashion trends and a direct way to do this is to opt for second hand clothes. Even big brands have launched their second hand e-commerce platform. Players of this segment are now even advertising on TV such as Vinted

Slow fashion:

Slow fashion is a new concept that has recently come to the fore and is slowly gathering attention. As opposed to fast fashion where new cheap quality garments were launched every week, slow fashion invests time in creating quality clothing which last a lifetime and are launched maybe once a year. This helps reducing waste production and promotes the long term use of garments.

Local shopping:

More and more people today are opting for brands that are local and those which practice sustainable and ethical production of their merchandize. They want to buy from and promote the local artisans, tailors and handlooms so as to provide livelihood to the small locals businesses that were severely affected during the pandemic.


The past year has taught us that minimalism is the way of life. Having the basic stuff for clothing is enough and one does not need excessive amount of clothing to live. Minimalism is not only about sufficiency but also beauty.

At Charles & Camus, we are engaged to enhance our environmental footprint by partnering with eco-friendly suppliers and offering organic personnalized apparel to our customers.


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